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Designing businesses for growth through people, leadership and culture.

we do

We grow ambitious
businesses and people.

When you have an ambitious vision, you need the right people to help you get there. The right culture, the right leadership, and the right team - all working with a common purpose.

That’s what we do at Sprout.

Success stories

Discover how we helped these businesses scale successfully.

Growing businesses through people is our specialty - we’ve helped bold leaders grow legendary deep-tech, SaaS and advanced manufacturing businesses since 2018.
We're proud to have worked with:

  • "Sprout has been providing our leadership team (including up-and-coming team-leads) with monthly training sessions for the last 6-7 months. It's been incredibly valuable and helpful for our team, and as a result we've introduced a regular cadence of 1:1s and improved recruitment processes. We've also had sessions on more soft skills such as communication and trust which are incredibly important and often overlooked with training sessions. Highly recommend the Sprout team!"

    Bex Rempell
    CEO and Founder

  • "Finding the right people is straight-up hard work. We have failed a few times of late. Technical roles with experience tend to come at an inflated price. Sprout navigated the course to find the right calibre of candidate, a great team fit and in our budget. I did not expect the outcome we got. Super stoked."

    Bruce Howe
    Managing Director

  • "Nilo is on a pathway to substantial growth. We're going to need a high performing team to tackle the challenges that will be coming and Sprout is a crucial partner for us in preparing for, and achieving, that growth."

    Michael Maunsell
    Chief Operating Officer

    Case Study
  • "I am a massive supporter of Sprout and see them as part of our business. Their impact has been measurable and impactful and we would not have had the progress and growth across our people and culture without them."

    Rob Woolner
    Managing Director

    Case Study
  • "It's rare to work with a consulting business that understands not only growth businesses but also our sectors of advanced manufacturing and software! The Sprout team 'get us', they talk our language and every time we engage with them, I am impressed by the level of work that is produced. They are easy to deal with and thorough in what they do. I would highly recommend working with them if you are looking for a partner to help prepare your people for business growth."

    Niki Johnstone
    Managing Director

    Case Study
  • "Sprout brought experience, wisdom and independent thinking that really allowed us to make a lot of progress quickly. We now have a future organisational design plan for the next five years that is pragmatic yet ambitious enough to match our aspirations."

    Lucy MacLean
    People & Culture Manager

    Case Study
  • "Sprout is always there to support and guide. I love that they are working with so many different businesses at different sizes and scales. They are able to funnel so much experience back in to help us with the challenges we face at specific stages of growth. There is no point making the mistakes other businesses have already made! With Sprout we're able to take the learning, move faster and know we have a solid foundation to build upon as we scale."

    Chester Boyes
    CEO and Founder

How we help leaders

We fuel the ambitious growth of founders everywhere by empowering leaders to overcome the challenges of growth

Hire the right people

From the inside-out, we help you design and recruit the roles you need now, then shape the team you'll need in the future. We know that recruiting the best means attracting the best. So we work with you to build your employer brand, and get the industry's most talented knocking down your door.

Build an enviable culture

We build highly engaged cultures. People flourish when they feel connected to something bigger than themselves. We specialise in helping your business gain clarity on its vision, values and purpose. Creating a meaningful, united and stimulating workplace where your people can thrive and don’t want to leave.

Level up your leaders

We level-up your leaders. Whether it’s lifting their existing capabilities with coaching and mentoring or an organisational redesign to inject the new people you need. We help build high performance leadership teams that will drive your business to success.

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