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Crafting Culture

You have a culture by default or by design and this culture impacts your growth.

Culture is a product of the environment you create and you have the power to decide what that environment looks like. Successful culture is built purposefully and iterated mindfully.

We’re here to ensure your culture is built by design.

Intentional culture.

My biggest challenge right now is:

Your startup will face cultural challenges

As you move through stages of growth you will come up against cultural challenges. These will differ with each startup but the fundamental challenges will be the same. We call these cultural checkpoints along the journey to scale. The Sprout Stages of Growth model is the culmination of experience with over 100 startups in their journey to growth, use it to get ahead of these challenges and set the stage for growth.


Culture of innovation, creativity


Excitement, open, leadership challenges


Delegation, control, increased formality


Growth, coordination of teams, emergence of sub-cultures


Coordination to ensure smooth operations, collaboration, navigating sub-cultures


Integration of diverse cultures, balancing autonomy with collaboration and unified goals. Red tape

Cultural perspective

You already have a culture but is it what you want it to be and will it remain that way as it grows?

Intentional cultural design

We work with you to define your strategic cultural priorities in line with your vision, values and purpose. We then design the organisational structures to achieve it.

By translating your end goal through a series of frameworks and models, we’re able to give you a set of practical steps to unlock performance, engagement and business growth.

What do you need right now?

A clear direction and an overall people strategy

A plan for how to create our ideal future state

Help with bringing our people strategy into reality

We’re growing, our culture needs to grow with us

Get clear on your vision, purpose and values.

We work with you to define your vision statement, company values and strategic cultural priorities that will help you get closer to your vision.

  • Vision

  • Purpose

  • Values

  • Culture Design

Design the future state

Drawing on Sprout’s frameworks and leading culture and EX methodologies we design the future state.

  • Organisational Structure Design

  • Onboarding Design

  • Levelup leadership

Make positive cultural change

Develop an implementation and change management plan including; cultural norms and rules, operating rhythms, decision making, feedback loops and employee experience It’s time for tactics to achieve the cultural change you need. We support with:

  • EX

  • Business and leadership insights

  • Operating rhythms

  • Growth workshops

  • Restructure support

  • Change Management

  • Career transitions

Continuous improvement and culture redefined

Implement review and refine strategies to support the business as it grows

  • Redefine and design the culture you need for your next stage of growth

  • Change Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Organisational Structure Design

Level Up Leaders

Unlock the potential of your leaders and grow the leaders of tomorrow.

Attract & Hire

Get the people you need now and for the future. We go beyond recruitment, finding the best talent for your stage of growth, with the mindset to take you to the next stage.