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Leadership Team Dynamics

Do you ever feel like you’re saying the same thing as someone else in a different way? Do you ever wonder why you gel with some people and really struggle to connect with others? And importantly from a business perspective, why do some people want a three point summary and a graph and others want a report packed with detail outlining the logic?

People are different. Understanding the how and why behind our different reactions creates greater insight, allows you to be more vulnerable and authentic, and prevents issues before they arise.

Alone you can go faster, together you can go further

In today's fast-paced and complex business landscape, the success of any organisation relies heavily on the synergy and effectiveness of its leadership team. Having cohesive team dynamics helps to impact creativity, productivity and effectiveness. Understanding each other better helps to create better work outcomes, improve customer satisfaction and impacts your bottom line. The first step to building a highly cohesive and successful team is creating a shared understanding of the people in it.

At Sprout, we love to use DiSC to support effective team dynamics. DiSC is an easy to understand profiling system that helps people understand themselves and learn strategies to improve interactions with others. It can benefit every person in the business regardless of title, level, position, department, function or team. We find that individual’s profiles provide valuable insights that unlock engagement and inspire effective collaboration.

We know there are hundreds of different assessments that can support your team dynamics but we love DiSC for its simplicity, it's easy to remember and it's very accurate.

DiSC looks at four different behavioral categories, or styles, that people can fall under: D for Dominance, I for Influence, S for Steadiness, and C for Conscientiousness.

By nature we are a blend of all four styles, but we will have stronger preferences for the behaviours associated with one or two of these styles. Where people sit in this matrix provides insight into how people think, respond, and behave.

Key benefits of DiSC

1# Talk the Talk. DiSC helps you understand how your teammates like to chat. Once you know that, you can adjust your own communication style for maximum understanding.

2# Walk in Their Shoes. DiSC makes you an empathy wizard. You'll get why your coworker Bob freaks out about deadlines and why Jane is so chill.

3# Dream Team. Mixing up personalities in your leadership team is like making a killer playlist. You've got a bit of everything, and that leads to super-balanced decisions.

4# Peacekeeping Ninja. DiSC is like your secret weapon against drama. You can spot potential clashes and defuse them before they even start. Smooth sailing ahead!

5# Task Master. With DiSC, you become the task-master extraordinaire. You'll know who to assign what tasks to for ultimate efficiency and happy campers all around.

6# Self-Improvement Time. DiSC even helps you see your own strengths and weak spots. It's like a mirror that shows you where you can shine even brighter.

So, there you have it. Leadership team dynamics aren't just fancy buzzwords – they're the heart and soul of your organization's success. And with DiSC in your toolkit, you're armed with insights to make those dynamics stronger than ever.

Written by Angela Waddell
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