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Case Study: leading management in viticulture and horticulture

Hortus is the leader in viticulture and horticulture management. Hortus leads its industry because it doesn’t just settle for what everyone else is doing. Hortus seeks innovation and improvement in everything we do, including its people.

We started working with Hortus as they were about embark on exponential growth, working with their leaders to ensure they were ready for this next step.

The Challenge:

Aaron (Hortus Founder) engaged with Sprout in order to prepare for rapid growth of his business, and to build leadership capability in his team for the next stage of growth.

We worked with the Hortus leadership team to understand their current roles and the future state of these roles as they go through rapid growth. We built executive job descriptions and career journeys outlining the Hortus journey, their career so far, where they are going and how Hortus and Sprout would support them in getting there.

We also worked with the Hortus team to build their future-state organisational structure through a two-day workshop in person in Blenheim, using their Horizons and goals to ensure this structure would be fit for purpose.

The Result:

The business is continuing to grow rapidly, and the leadership team are able to navigate the changes in their roles and personal professional development journeys to ensure they are up to the challenge. This also allows them to pivot if needed with changing market conditions, making them stronger leaders who are future-focused.

Hortus engaged with Sprout to help us with a future organisational design project. What they delivered exceeded expectations. They were very well prepared and had clearly done their research before the two-day in person workshop. During the workshop they delivered pragmatic solutions that were aligned to our company values and ambitions. They brought experience, wisdom and independent thinking that allowed us to make a lot of progress quickly. We now have a future organisational design plan for the next five years that is pragmatic yet ambitious enough to match our aspirations. Having this organisational design plan has allowed us to move forward with confidence and clarity. Getting to this point, in a short space of time, wouldn’t have been possible without the Sprout expertise and energy.

- Lucy MacLean, P&C

Written by Brien Keegan
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