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Five ways to use values to level up your leadership

Leading people comes with challenges. Fortunately there is a secret weapon that can make your job a whole lot easier: your organisation's values.

Don't let these just be a some words on a poster – they're your ticket to being a great leader. Here are five ways you can use your organisation's values to level up your leadership.

1# Stay True and Keep It Real

Your organisation's values are like your North Star. They're the guiding principles that shape your workplace vibe. Make sure your leadership style connects with these values. When you walk the talk and your actions match the values, it sends a clear message to your team. They'll feel the unity, trust, and predictability, and following your lead becomes natural.

At Sprout we have a value of create space - the leaders in our team have dedicated time in calendars to design our business for the future.

2# Hire Right

Values aren't just for show; they're your secret sauce for recruiting top talent. When you're on the hunt for new team members, think values-first. Look for people who not only have the skills but also align with your company values. When your team shares the same values, teamwork is easier and you'll be more connected.

To help determine alignment, include values based interview questions seeking real examples of where values were displayed. For instance, if you had a value of curiosity you could ask "Can you tell me about a time where you had to handle different perspectives?" In this example you would be looking for someone's ability to seek context and ask questions.

3# Values in performance and feedback conversations.

Make values the star of your performance conversations. Measure how your team live and breathe these values in their daily grind. When it's feedback time, connect the dots back to the values. It makes feedback way more meaningful and actionable. Plus, it helps your crew see how their actions impact the big picture – making your leadership more effective and appreciated.

4# Solve Drama with Values

Drama happens, but values can be your superhero in resolving it. When there's a clash or a moral dilemma, turn to your organisation's values to find common ground.

It's like a cheat code for handling conflicts and encourages behaviour that everyone can get behind.

5# Values-Driven Decision-Making

We were recently talking to leaders from a business that were raising capital, they ended up with multiple term sheets to choose from and had to make a call about which to prioritise. Their company values helped them to determine the best fit for how they wanted to grow.

Leaders often make game-changing decisions. When you're facing a tough call, your organisation's values are your trusty sidekick. Think about how each option aligns, which choice best suits the long-term goals? It takes the guesswork out of tough calls and ensures that your decisions ladder to your organisation's purpose and vision.

Using your companies values in your leadership style isn't about being a rule follower; it's about building a culture that lives and breathes those values.

When you have a common language and your team sees you walking the talk and consistently practicing what you preach, they're more likely to jump on board. This shared commitment to values can make leadership a whole lot easier. It'll create a positive workplace, boost teamwork, and drive the organisation to success.

So if you aren't doing so already, level up your leadership and make the most of your values, they are a powerful tool. If you need any help getting them off the poster and into the hearts and minds of your team get in touch.

Written by Angela Waddell
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