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Case study: creating a world of zero plastic waste

Nilo's aim is to benefit people and planet through the transformation of plastic and waste from a global problem to an exponentially useful resource by the ubiquitous, world-wide adoption of Nilo technology

Undergoing exceptional growth and with a need for fast-paced recruitment, Sprout initially partnered with Nilo to ensure they hired ambitious problem solvers to tackle their aspirational goals. We sat down for a conversation with Nilo's COO Michael Maunsell to hear about the journey so far.

Nilo is on a pathway to substantial growth. We''re going to need a high performing team to tackle the challenges that will be coming and Sprout is a crucial partner for us in preparing for, and achieving, that growth.

Michael Maunsell

What inspired you to partner with Sprout, and what do you hope to gain from this partnership?

We had a burning bridge and we needed to get talent on board really quickly. We weren’t making necessary progress. And came as a recommendation to rebuild that bridge. It’s not just about recruitment, it’s about the team evolution.

How do you see your company evolving with the support of Sprout, and what role do you see Sprout playing in this process?

We’re able to tackle the challenges that we are going to encounter in the high growth phase, and we’re going to need a high performing team to tackle those challenges.

How do you envision your company's growth trajectory in the coming years, and how do you see Sprout's expertise and network contributing to this growth?

Nilo is on a pathway to substantial growth, and Sprout will be a crucial partner to achieve that growth.

Our partnership is just getting started

Since starting to work together in February 2023, Sprout has become deeply ingrained in Nilo's operations including; defining Nilo's purpose and vision, crafting its core values, the design of the organisation, recruiting 15 roles (and counting), undertaking a media audit to assess areas to improve employment brand and gauging the engagement baseline. Nilo is just getting started and we're committed to supporting them to succeed.

Written by Sam Piane
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