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Case study: experts in plant automation systems

N2P Controls are experts in plant automation systems.

We’ve worked with N2P Controls in the past to define their foundations and get them ready for growth. Recently, we have partnered with them to create clarity for their shareholders both on their roles and their remuneration.

The Challenge:

N2P Controls engaged with Sprout as the leadership team were stepping up into shareholding, and they wanted to ensure clarity on responsibilities and pay ranges for the team.

We spent time with CEO Niki to understand the current state of the business, the leadership team and their skills, before interviewing each shareholder individually to understand their role, how it impacts the business and creates success and their day-to-day. From here, we created job descriptions to further define the responsibilities of each person and competencies required for success in these roles, and using research into the market defined salary bandings for each role that were both right for the role and individual, and the business itself.

The Result:

The shareholders are clear on their roles, the competencies required for success and how they elevate themselves to continue to drive growth. They also have salary transparency and clarity, and know that they are engaging their team both in terms of remuneration and professional growth.

It's rare to work with a consulting business that understands not only growth businesses but also our sectors of advanced manufacturing and software! The Sprout team 'get us', they talk our language and everytime we engage with them I am impressed by the level of work that is produced. They are easy to deal with and thorough in what they do. I would highly recommend working with them if you are looking for a partner to help prepare your people for business growth.

- Niki Johnstone, CEO

Written by Angela Waddell
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