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Code of Conduct


Welcome to Sprout's digital presence. We're dedicated to ensuring a positive, inclusive, and respectful experience for everyone who interacts with our platform. This Code of Conduct provides guidelines for those who engage with our content and our team.

1. Respect for Others

  • Courtesy: As you engage with our platform and team, maintain a polite and respectful tone. We appreciate constructive feedback, but aggression, harmful, or discriminatory comments won't be tolerated.

  • No Hate Speech: Any form of hate speech, including comments that promote discrimination, bigotry, or violence against any individual or group based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or other attributes, will not be entertained.

2. Privacy and Safety

  • Protect Your Information: When reaching out or providing feedback, avoid sharing excessive personal information. Keep in mind that digital communications are not always fully secure.

  • Constructive Engagement: We encourage questions, feedback, and open conversation. However, threatening behaviour, harassment, or any actions that might harm our digital platform or its visitors are strictly prohibited.

3. Responsible Interaction

  • Stay Relevant: When submitting inquiries or feedback, please ensure it's pertinent to the content or services provided by Sprout.

  • Avoid Spam: Unsolicited promotions or repeated messages will be disregarded and may lead to access restrictions.

4. Intellectual Property

  • Honour Copyrights and Trademarks: Use of our content, images, logos, or any other materials without proper authorisation is prohibited. Always respect our intellectual property rights.

5. Reporting and Feedback

  • Voicing Concerns: If you come across any issues or feel that certain content or interactions violate these guidelines, please report it to the Sprout team.

  • Open Communication: We value the trust and feedback of our community. Should you have any suggestions for improvement, we're here to listen.

6. Changes to the Code of Conduct

Sprout reserves the right to modify this Code of Conduct at any time. Visitors are encouraged to review this regularly to stay informed about any changes.

Thank you for your interest in Sprout and for upholding these guidelines. Together, we can ensure that our digital space is informative, user-friendly, and welcoming for everyone!