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Create an environment for positive change in three steps

Heraclitus said 'change is the only constant in life'. Ain't that the truth. The founders and leaders of the scaling companies we work with are facing make or break decisions regularly. Decisions like; discontinuing a product line, entering a new market, adding to or reducing the size of their team, switching software platforms etc. Many of these things cause a bit of turbulence and the most successful leaders of startups and high growth businesses are experts in knowing when to make a change and how to bring the team along for the ride.

The change management process is huge (and an article for another day) for now we wanted to share three things you can do to create the environment for positive change.

1. Define a clear vision for your business

Having a vision sets the due north to make strategic decisions and provides real clarity to what the company is aiming towards. The vision provides the framework to shape decisions, ensuring there’s a clear line between decisions made and the company direction. Without it you have no clear identity, no direction and strategic imperatives don’t line up. If it seems like we’re passionate about this point, it’s because we are!

2. Create a set of values and live them 

Having a set of values serves to set the scene for the culture that will enable you to deliver to the vision, further guiding behaviours and decisions. Be mindful that values are only as good as the actions that follow them - if the values are not felt within your business people will notice.

3. Hire the right people 

If you know where you’re headed and the behaviours that are going to get you there you can focus on hiring people that are going to take you closer to that vision. If you have the vision and values in mind during the hiring process you can bring in people who want to be part of this journey - they’ll expect change, knowing it comes with the role. Find people who are excited by this stage of business. 

Example: Vision to be "recognised globally, for your leading edge technology delivering sustainable outcomes to clients". You have a strategic decision to make about remaining in your current market or expanding overseas. Your vision helps to guide your decisions, so in this example your vision will lead you down a path to expand overseas because that is what will support you to be recognised globally. Likewise, if you are looking to build a proposition around leading edge technology, you know you will need to invest heavily in technical experts, research and innovation and you know they will need to have the flexibility to adapt to the changing requirements of the role as the company goes global.

If you're navigating change and ready to plan for the future of your business we can help. Let's connect, Pip Spyksma, Head of Growth. Stay tuned for our tips on navigating change management in your business.

Written by Pip Spyksma
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