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Demystifying Employer Brand - why won’t people apply for my advertisements?

How frustrating is it when you put a job advertisement online and don’t get any applicants or the applicants are completely NOT what you are looking for?

Why is this? There are multiple reasons and many of them start and end with your employer brand.

What is an employer brand?

"Your company has an employer brand, whether you have actively pursued one or not. Due to this fact, any company signals what candidates can expect, gain and learn from working there. If Employer Branding is the process, the employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer of choice."

Universum is the world’s biggest agency in employer branding this is what they have to say on employer branding

Three reasons why employer branding matters when attracting talent and the steps to get there.

PERCEPTION is everything

When we think of our own companies we have our own perception of how they are as a company. The bigger (possibly scarier) question is, do we understand what our team thinks? Do we know what the industry and competitors think? Do we know what those in the general market think? Not just off-line but the online perception as well, what is being said about you in reviews?

62% of job seekers use social media when deciding on a company

Your total job seeker market extends from those both inside and outside of your organisation.

STEP ONE: Understand the perception. Understand what the perception is of the different internal and external stakeholders, then you can then talk to this and aim to correct it in your advertising and communication.

Your WEBSITE is key

69% of job seekers will research your website

Your own website is important, what does it say about you as an employer, what is the purpose of the company, does it show the diversity of your team?

STEP TWO: Review your website. Does it tell the right story, is it engaging, would you like to work for your company if all you were relying on was the website?

LOOKING and ADVERTISING in the right places

Experienced fisherwomen and fishermen will use a fish finder to find the best fish. If your advertising strategy is reliant on finding someone from an online job board you are letting fate play a massive part. Especially if your advertisement doesn’t clearly articulate your employer brand. Think of using online job boards like Lotto. You can spend money on the ticket and win, but you can equally spend money and get no result.

STEP THREE: Ask yourself, what is the right channel? Where are the talent that I am looking for hanging out? Are my ads helping me attract the right employees or the wrong ones?

We appreciate this takes a lot of your time…

A Solution - ‘Sprout Employer Branding Audit’

We look at all of the above areas when working with a business and we are hiring on their behalf.

We offer an Employer Brand Audit where we can help you understand the answers to the above three areas for a cost of $5k (+GST).

If you are interested in learning more get in touch with Fleur Clough.

Why rely on chance when you can improve the odds of success? You don’t have to gamble with your company's future. The benefits of the Sprout Employer Branding Audit is it positions your business to become a talent magnet, more of the right, high quality people knocking on your door to work for your business. Get it right and you may never have to buy a Lotto ticket again!

Written by Fleur Clough
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