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Case study: empowering people through nutritious food

The Pure Food Co is empowering individuals during vulnerable moments through purposeful and nutritious food. Creating a variety of fortified foods that are full of fresh flavours and enriched with natural nutrition.

Infused with a powerful mission and people-centric approach, they needed support recruiting technical roles and partnered with Sprout.

The Challenge:

The founders had a very clear view about the business, the key challenge was finding someone with the technical understanding of the product, adept sales skills, and a alignment with the team's culture, values, even more so the ambition or vision for the company.

We started with a detailed job brief, understanding the business intricacies. Created a market-centric talent map aligning industries and roles.

Our headhunting/search approach saw us target candidates whose skills precisely matched the business's needs in terms of skills and the mindset required for the role.

This process goes beyond filling a role; it strategically aligns candidate capabilities with the evolving demands of the business, ensuring a seamless fit and positioning for sustained success.


A successful hire! We've secured an exceptional candidate, bringing a wealth of experience and insights to the team. We also have strategically developed a robust talent pool, ensuring a pipeline of high-caliber candidates for future positions.

Written by Fleur Clough
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