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A Founder's Guide to Building a Winning Team

Picture this, you're in a meeting with a VC to secure the funding your business needs to grow. You and your team have worked hard, pulling long hours, going the extra mile to get your product to 100%. You all believe in the business and what you can do. You're discussing the future of your business, then they ask:

What are the next three roles you will hire, and how will they impact the business?

If your mind is racing and you don’t have a clear answer, it’s time to dedicate some time to getting clarity on your growth plan and developing a hiring strategy.

A hiring strategy isn't just about filling positions; it's about strategically building a team that propels your business forward.

The key to hiring the right people at the right time is proactive planning, here’s a few of the many reasons it pays to be prepared:

  • Vision Alignment. Your business has a vision, right? Your hiring strategy is a compass that aligns every new hire with that vision. This isn't just about skills; it's about bringing on individuals who resonate with your mission. With a clear hiring strategy in place, you’ll be able to attract the type of talent you truly need to help your business grow.

  • Timing is Everything. Ever hired someone only to realise it was a bit too soon or too late? A well-thought-out hiring strategy ensures you're ahead of the curve, anticipating when your team needs reinforcements and what that will look like. Instead of rushing to fill a role out of desperation, you’ll be able to take your time, screen applicants more effectively, and choose someone who is right for both your present and future needs.

  • Team Harmony. Building a team isn't a numbers game; it's about creating a symphony of skills, mindsets and personalities that work seamlessly together. Your hiring strategy is the conductor's baton, orchestrating the harmony within your team.

Our advice for crafting your hiring strategy

  1. Start by getting really clear on your vision, purpose and goals

  2. Look beyond immediate needs. What will you need in the next phase of growth?

  3. Plan based on the wider structure and understand ahead of time how each role will interact with the others

  4. Cultural fit and mindset are as important as skills

  5. Be ready to adapt, keep your hiring strategy relevant

  6. Tell your story. Bring people on the journey with you and attract the people you need with a strong employer brand and employee value proposition

Crafting a hiring strategy isn't just a one-time task; it's an ongoing process that evolves with your business. The next time a VC throws you that question, you won't just answer confidently; you'll have the roadmap to prove you're not just growing but growing strategically.

If you know anything about Sprout you know that strategic growth is our thing, if this is your focus right now we are here to help.

Written by Liam Daglish
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