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Case study: creation of low-waste eco-friendly packaging

Cleanery set out to create a no-compromise low-waste alternative packaging that was eco-friendly but actually worked. Simple right? Actually not so simple.

We began working with the Cleanery, before they even had a business name. Today the business is thriving in various channels, a growing business in our NZ ecosystem.

The Challenge:

The founders had a very clear view of the business, the key challenge was creating this into a compelling value proposition for hiring hard to find staff in chemical and engineering roles.

We helped bring to life Mark’s vision initially by building out clarity through co-creating the vision, purpose and values of the business. We also worked with Mark on building out the organisational structure, building job descriptions and then set about hiring five difficult to fill roles, including the head of engineering. We have grown the relationship to support Mark and his teams in various people and growth challenges, providing support to Mark and his leadership team, as well as additional recruitment.

The Result:

The business is growing well, it is now a well-recognised brand and what is great is that Mark and his leadership team are now helping others in the ecosystem in their startup journey. We are really proud to have been able to set clarity for the business and attract great people who continue to help the business grow today. Mark is a great guy, with a strong vision and we are excited to see his dream come alive.

Written by Brien Keegan
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