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A love letter to Founders

Hi founder,

We see you.

You're not just doing the nine-to-five; you're out there making things happen, and we're giving you a big shoutout. You’re the visionaries who dare to challenge the status quo, the relentless dreamers turning obstacles into opportunities. Your boldness fuels innovation, you’re pushing boundaries and giving norms a makeover. Big love for that!

Here’s why we love founders - and why you should too. They're out there driving economic growth, conjuring up jobs, and dropping innovations that shape our future. They're not afraid to roll the dice and challenge the norm. Founders aren’t just after their paycheck or their own success, they risk it all for that breakthrough that will make life better for everyone.

So, here's to our founder pals – we're tipping our metaphorical hats to your resilience, creativity, and commitment to making the world a better place. You're the real MVPs 🚀

“Their tenacity and drive and their ability to see a solution to most problems. Their openness to learning and listening, often no corporate ego. They are usually down to earth.”

Angela Waddell, Director of People Advisory & Design

“Founders are driven by something beyond themselves, they;re doers, they take risks, inspire and create meaningful jobs for people.”

Brien Keegan, Founder and Managing Director

“They have this energy that fills the room, they’re wild and brave.”

Pip Spyksma, Chief of Staff

“Their story. Everyone is so different, and how they came to where they are now is always inspiring, and not the usual path. Entrepreneurs are all so different, yet all share the same growth mindset, grit and ambition.”

Fleur Clough, Head of Recruitment & Employer Brand

“Their relentlessness, and their risk taking to give something a real crack.”

Tim Judd, People Advisory & Design Consultant
Written by Pip Spyksma
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